Vaultilo: Technology Behind It

The release of Bitcoin marked an exceptional breakthrough in the world of Cryptocurrency. However, it gave rise to another challenge i.e securely storing your crypto credentials such as private keys, mnemonics. Users have to write down the credentials on a piece of paper or use cold wallets to secure their crypto-assets. In this article, we will learn about the technology behind Vaultilo.

Vaultilo is a decentralized password manager that securely stores your login passwords, crypto credentials. Unlike other mainstream password managers like Lastpass, Dashlane,1Password, KeePassX, Vaultilo does not have a centralized server to store your data. It uses Blockstack’s decentralized storage platform Gaia hub to store the users’ data making the user sole owner of their data. The details about Blockstack, Gaia Hub and how Vaultilo is developed on the top of it, is enlisted below:


Blockstack is a decentralized computing network and app ecosystem that puts users in control of their identity and data. It provides decentralized protocols for authentication, data storage, and software distribution.

Vaultilo uses Blockstack id for login and authentication of the users. Users can create their unique id for the blockstack app platform. With the same ID, the user can sign in to all the dapps deployed in the blockstack network.

Blockstack Browser:

The Blockstack Browser allows users to create and manage Blockstack IDs and explore decentralized apps. An identity represents you as you interact with others through DApps. You can find detailed information about it here.

Blockstack Authentication :

Blockstack authentication is a bearer token-based authentication system. A decentralized application (DApp) and the Blockstack Browser communicate during the authentication flow by passing back and forth two tokens. The requesting application sends the Blockstack Browser an authRequest token. Once a user approves a sign-in, the Blockstack Browser responds to the application with an authResponse token. These tokens are JSON Web Tokens, and they are passed via URL query strings.

Fig:Authentication Flow(Source:Blockstack)

Vaultilo uses blockstack authentication for signing in the users. The users login with their blockstack id.The data stored by Vaultilo is associated with that id.

Gaia Hub:

The Blockstack Network stores application data using a storage system called Gaia. Gaia hub is a decentralized storage platform that encrypts the user data to securely store their data. Every user has their own Gaia hub and the data stored to Gaia hub is solely owned, controlled and modified by the user. A Gaia hub runs as a service that writes to the data storage. The storage itself is a simple key-value store. The hub service writes to data storage by requiring a valid authentication token from a requestor. 

Fig:GAIA Hub Architecture(Source:Blockstack)

The user data is stored to users Gaia hub. The data is encrypted with the user’s app-specific private key. So only the user can have access to the data.

Fig: Gaia Hub Writing Data(Source:Blockstack)

Each user with an identity in the Blockstack Network has a Gaia hub configured on their profile. New users that create identities with the Blockstack Browser automatically are given storage on this default hub. Individuals or organizations may also run their own hubs, either as a for-profit service or for other reasons. For now, to avoid complexity and since it is a cumbersome process for the user to configure their own Gaia hub, Vaultilo uses default Gaia hub. In future enhancement, Vaultilo can provide the option to the user to configure their own Gaia hub if they want. 

With the implementation of the Blockstack authentication and Gaia hub, Vaultilo provides the utmost security to user data and hands over the data ownership to the user. Vaultilo doesn’t use a centralized server to store the data which omits the single failure point and makes the data secure and unhackable by other 3rd parties.

Why Choose Vaultilo:

  • No central entity owns the data,user is the sole owner
  • Data is highly encrypted and accessible only to the user
  • One single stop to store all  your Crypto credentials
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Complete privacy of your data 


Vaultilo stores your passwords ,crypto-credentials and confidential information maintaining your privacy and providing the full ownership of your data to yourself.Your data is safe ,secure and inaccessible by other users not even by the developers.Enjoy the new era of internet with data privacy,self ownership of data and decentralization.

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