How to use Vaultilo: Tutorial

If you are a Crypto-wallet owner, then you definitely have struggled to store your crypto-credentials safely except if you are using a hardware wallet such as Ledger. 

Now you don’t have to own a hardware wallet anymore to securely store your wallets with Vaultilo

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to use Vaultilo, an open decentralized password manager uniquely designed to store your crypto-credentials such as mnemonics, and private keys along with your other passwords and notes.

To access Vaultilo

  1. Open your Browser
  2. Type: in URL
  1. Click on “Login with BlockStack”. (You will be redirected to the Blockstack website for user authentication )
  1. Choose Create a new ID
  1. Press Continue after you find a suitable name that is available.
  1. Enter a password, confirm it and press Register ID
  1. Write your email and finally, press Next

BlockstackID allows you to own your data and eliminate the need for password-based logins.

Once you have logged in with Blockstack ID, you will reach Vaultilo’s Dashboard. You can find all the options to create and save your credentials on the dashboard.

How to add a Bitcoin wallet in Vaultilo.

  1. Go to Crypto Wallets and click on “Add New”

2. Select the Wallet Type as Bitcoin

3. Enter your Wallet Name

4. Enter your Wallet Address

5. Enter your Private Keys

6. Press Save.

Now your Bitcoin Wallet is safely stored in Vaultilo.

You can always view your Wallet information

Or update them anywhere, anytime you want.

How to add Password on Vaultilo.

For this process, we will be adding “Binance” credentials on Vaultilo.

  1. Click Add New on Password
  1. Then add Domain Name, i.e Binance
  1. Update Domain address:
  1. Enter your Username and Password
  1. Press Save

Your Binance password is now securely stored in Vaultilo.

How to add Notes in Vaultilo

In CryptoCurrencies, you sometimes send or receive cryptos. You need to remember different Wallets Addresses to do the transaction.

So, we are saving some Wallet addresses along with their owner’s name on our note.

  1. Select Add New on Note
  1. Add important data with a suitable name for you to easily understand and search.
  1. Press Save

Your note is safely stored in Vaultilo

It has never been this easy to securely store your crypto-credentials. Never lose your crypto-credentials again with Vaultilo.

If you have any suggestions or features you wanna see in the future, don’t hesitate to send feedback or bug reports at or connect with us at Twitter.

Vaultilo Password Manager was developed by Our team consists of developers and marketing from the US as well as Nepal.