Guide to secure your Passwords

In this digital world, there’s only one thing that stands between your protected file or sensitive information and unauthorized person i.e your “PASSWORD”. 

Attackers often get access to your sensitive information through various vulnerabilities of your passwords. So it’s important to know what keeps your password strong and secure. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can make your password strong and secure from attackers.

  • Length, Mix up numbers and special characters:

There’s no minimum password length but you should generally go for a password that is a minimum of  12 to 14 characters in length. Adding a mix of numbers, special characters symbols, upper and lower case letters make your password super strong.

With the right combination, it will take attackers millions of years to crack your password using the Brute Force attack.

  • Avoid using dictionary words or obvious words.

Many people use simple dictionary words or obvious words and their account gets easily compromised. Attackers using the Dictionary attack take advantage of the fact people tend to use common words and short passwords. Be wise and avoid using a dictionary or obvious words in your passwords.

  • Set different passwords for each account

Using the same password across various accounts can be very risky. If one of the accounts is compromised, all accounts get vulnerable. So it is important to use different passwords to protect different accounts.

  • Use automatically generated password 

There are various tools (especially Password Managers) that generate a random password that enforces complex rules to employ strong passwords and use them properly.

  • Don’t take the bait from a scammer

The Internet may be full of information but it is also full of scammers who are eager to crack your passwords through various baits. Most of these baits are phishing emails or links that install malicious programs or key loggers or asks for vital credentials. Be safe and don’t take bait from a scammer.

  • Use Password Manager

There are various password managers available for you to securely store your passwords and sensitive information like LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Keeper, with the features to import/export your passwords.

However, we recommend you to specifically use Vaultilo, an open decentralized password manager with also feature to store your crypto-credentials. Vaultilo is also free & easy to use.

With these guidelines, you will be creating strong security for your passwords.

Its never too late to be SAFE & SECURE.

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